The hazards of a tight little dress

Posted by Puteri | 5/01/2010 06:57:00 PM | 0 comments »

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Would you wear a dress so tight that you cannot even stoop or kneel to pick up something you'd dropped?

Kim Kardashian, reality star, and famous for her butt (tonggek butt, as we say in Sarawak) wore a dress so tight that she needed help from somebody to pick up the purse she'd dropped.

I wore a lot of short, and form fitting dresses when I was younger and ahem, much slimmer! mrgreen But I don't ever remember not being able to pick up anything from the floor wearing the tight little dresses!

The one thing I didn't have that Kim has so amply, are the big boobs and the big butt! Maybe that was why I never had any problem picking up anything from the ground wearing my tight dresses! wink