Posted by Puteri | 4/27/2010 10:54:00 AM | 0 comments »

I received a catalog from Amazon in the mail yesterday. I did not know that Amazon even bothered with catalogs!

I do a lot of shopping at Amazon. The only thing is, my shopping is mostly limited to the electronics department and the books department! mrgreen I did buy a pair of boots in the shoe department one winter and that was it!

In the catalog that came in the mail yesterday, there were various cards with scents of the perfume that were being promoted. Oooooohhhh, everything smelled heavenly! I love perfumes! Maybe I should check out the deals on perfumes at Amazon!

Even though I love perfumes, I always want to get the best price before I buy any. Where can you get the best price other than at the duty free shops at international airports?! I never fail to buy a bottle (usually the largest bottle) of perfume every time I travel internationally.

But where do I go to compare the duty free prices against those at Amazon? Until I can be sure that Amazon prices are comparable to the prices at the duty free shops, I will hold off any perfume purchase from Amazon!