Improve your memory with vitamin B-12

Posted by Puteri | 4/26/2010 03:23:00 PM | 0 comments »

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For the last several months, I noticed that I had difficulty remembering things. I would forget the names of people, the names of things, and I struggled to complete my sentences because I could not remember the name of the person, or the thing I was trying to refer to while I was talking to my husband. I ended saying, "that thing", and of course my husband would ask, "what thing?"

I had no idea that what I was experiencing had to do with peri-menopause. It was while I was researching on the other peri-menopausal symptoms that I was experiencing that I came across information that forgetfulness was part and parcel of peri-menopause. Boy, was that a surprise!

Fortunately, there are vitamins and minerals that someone like me, who is going through peri-menopause, can take to help with the forgetfulness.

It is well-documented the positive effects of increasing vitamins B-12, B-6 and folic acid to one's diet. Positive effects like increased energy, improved memory, the lowering of the amino-acid homocysteine which has been linked to heart disease, and the relief from anemia.

I have started taking B-12 vitamin tablets but it does appear that the sublingual ones (dissolve under the tongue) are better absorbed into the bloodstream because they do not have to go through our digestive system!

Once I have used up the vitamin tablets I got, I will most definitely go for the sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid. No reason to not get the kind that goes to your blood stream directly and which works immediately! Get your box here.

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