Giving the memory foam mattress another look

Posted by Puteri | 4/26/2010 04:22:00 PM | 0 comments »

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This past weekend, my family and I slept in rather comfortable beds at a fine hotel. It reminded me of what I was missing.

A soft, comfortable mattress.

Last year, I had some serious lower back and hip pain. A latex mattress did not help and neither did any of the cheap air mattresses. They only helped initially but the lower back and hip pain came back soon after.

While at an old car show that year, I met a lady who had a salon in town. At the show she offered a 12 minute back massages on a special massage chair. I told her about my lower back problem, the tense shoulders, which she could feel as she massaged me, and how I was on a quest for the perfect bed! She recommended that I put a memory foam mattress topper on my bed.

She told me to just get rid of the mattress, and just place the memory foam mattress topper on the hard bed. That was exactly what she was doing to ease her back pain. Getting a memory foam topper had not even crossed my mind. I was trying to avoid anything soft because I thought the soft mattress was the cause of all my lower back pain!

I ended up buying a rather hard mattress which worked really well with the lower back pain, but boy did I miss a soft and comfortable mattress as I was reminded from the weekend's stay at the fine hotel!

A hard mattress is not that bad if you are lying flat on your back, but when you want to lie on your side, a softer mattress is what you need! The 3” VitaTop layer of ViscoFresh enhanced memory foam from SleepJoy might work for me. It has medium firmness, and it is supposed to conform to my curve immediately. The fact that this particular topper is more breathable than an ordinary foam topper is an added plus!

I will have to give the memory foam mattress topper another look! I can still keep my hard mattress, and the topper can provide the softness I am missing!

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