Chills, a symptom of perimenopause

Posted by Puteri | 4/07/2010 10:26:00 PM | 0 comments »

Are chills one of the symptoms of perimenopause?

I had not considered that possibility till just now. eek I went online and did some googling and sure enough several women shared about experiencing chills during the tail end of their perimenopause.

The last several days, I had difficulty falling asleep because of chills. I had my electric blanket turned up, added an extra fleece blanket under the covers, and yet I could not feel warm. I was already wearing warm pajamas and socks to bed. Today, I removed the quilt top and replaced it with a comforter.

But the thing is, the last couple of hours before I get up in the morning, I start to feel too warm under the covers. That, however, is not new because the early morning hot flashes have been going on and off for the last four years.

I do not think adding the comforter to my bed covers is going to make a whole lot of difference. The chills do not have anything to do with the room being cold. It comes from within the body. It seems I will just have to put up with the chills till they pass during the night, or I get so tired that I fall asleep despite the chills.

Some of the perimenopausal symptoms that I am going through are not fun at all! evil