Looking beautiful on a web cam

Posted by Puteri | 3/19/2009 08:56:00 AM | 0 comments »

Yesterday I was playing around with my web cam on my new netbook. I downloaded a little plugin from GoogleTalk so I could could do video chat with my cousin in France who just bought a netbook of her own.

However, I am having second thoughts about broadcasting myself over the web cam. Boy, do I look old and haggard on the web cam! The web cam is not very forgiving when it comes to exposing your real age and all its flaws!

I thought the mineral make-up I've been wearing did a good job of giving my skin a much smoother look but the web cam doesn't seem to think so. cry Also, underneath the make-up my skin tone has improved tremendously ever since I started giving it the proper skin care it needs with a certain product line that seems to work well with my skin condition.

As for my hair, I am trying to see if keeping it a little longer than usual will do anything for my overall appearance. I dread to think that some people may think I am trying too hard to look youthful! I have been spending more money than I normally do on hair care products so my hair does not look dry and limp - dry from all that hair coloring, and limp from the not so great volume that I have.

And let's not forget the body washes and lotions that fill the bathroom and bathroom sink counter top!

Well, it seems that despite all the beauty treatments and pampering I've been doing on myself, the web cam does not seem to appreciate the effort. Oh well, at least it is just my cousin I am video chatting with, and she knows exactly how I look like!