Look young again with Dermalastyl-β

Posted by Puteri | 12/09/2008 12:31:00 PM | 0 comments »

I just celebrated my 48th birthday and a few of the things that go with being that age are the increase in the number of lines and wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity on my face.

I have been watching the deepening lines between my eyebrows, the fine lines around my eyes and the more pronounced lines on my neck. I love wearing clothes that show much of the chest because I love to wear necklaces around my neck and clothes with wide necklines allow me to accessorize the neck.

But I wished I could do more about those lines around my neck! They remind me of the rings found in tree trunks that show the age of the trees. There are now 5 "rings" around my neck ... yes that do reflect the number of decades I have behind me!

Infusion_therapyRecently I received a sample of a cream that its makers claim to be far better than the Botox alternatives. The name of the cream is Dermalastyl.

The main active ingredient in this cream is something called Tropoelastin3, which supposedly is able to add to the levels of elastin in the skin's surface and thereby reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help delay the onset of new wrinkles. Tropoelastin has the added benefit of increasing the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is what helps keep the skin tight and toned.

I diligently applied the cream twice a day and looked closely at my facial skin and my neck to see if there were signs of any improvement. I can't say for sure if there is any marked improvement in the appearance of my skin but that is due to the fact that I'd only been using the cream for a week. I intend to continue using the cream and plan to make an order. I want to be able to say at the end of three months that indeed the cream works. I consider $89 for a 2 month supply a good investment especially if the product works and makes me look younger than my age!

If the testimonies of those who have used the product and the results of the clinical studies are anything to go by, I would be most happy to use this product and get rid of the creams that I am currently using!