Did I mention I got myself and an air mattress? No, its not that fancy one that you hear advertised on the radio and the one that Rush Limbaugh is endorsing! mrgreen

It is one of those air mattresses that you take with you when you go camping! In April, I bought myself a latex mattress after the pillow-top on my water bed started sagging and gave me lower back ache.

My lower back ache improved and went away after I started sleeping on my new latex mattress. But recently, my lower back started bothering me again. The mattress is not sagging except for a very slight depression where my lower back hits the mattress. But boy oh boy, I was unable to continue sleeping on that mattress.

I was not willing to spend more money on another mattress. After several days of putting up with the pain in my lower back, it suddenly struck me the possible solution to my problem was an air mattress. It doesn't have to be a fancy one. So off I went to Walmart and spent about $28 on a nice looking air-mattress.

So far, it is working for me and the pain in my lower back is slowly disappearing. If the air mattress punctures or whatever, I'll just replace it with another one! A lot cheaper than a fancy air mattress, eh!