Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Puteri | 11/06/2008 07:59:00 PM | 1 comments »

Recently, one of my friends who is only 27, was concerned about the fine lines around her eyes and thought she needed some eye cream. But the lady at the cosmetic sales counter told her that there was no fine line that she could see! I wished fine lines were all I was concerned about at my age!

Besides wrinkles around the eyes, women have to worry about droopy eyelids as they age. If there is one cosmetic surgical procedure that I am mostly likely to do, it is blepharoplasty which is a procedure that corrects the bulges and wrinkles around the eyes. I am beginning to hate the way my eyelids are sagging.

For now at least, I don't think I need liposuction on my thighs or tummy. Yes, my tummy does seem to have a lot of fat, but I think it is something some good work-out focusing on the mid-section can improve. I once watched a TV show where it showed how liposuction is done. A small tube, which was connected to a source of high suction, was inserted through a tiny incision on the area where the fatty deposits were to be removed. It was not a pretty sight, but the procedure can be done on an outpatient basis.

I have been reading up on some of the cosmetic procedures offered at a Chirurgie Esthetique Montreal. I think not only should a person who is thinking about cosmetic surgery be informed about what is involved in any procedure, but also to make sure that the people performing the procedures are reputable and experienced in the field of cosmetic surgery.

How many of us have not heard of botched cosmetic surgeries? Nobody wants to find herself/himself in that circumstance due to negligence, that is why it is always good to go to a reputable cosmetic surgical institution.


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