Treatment for women with addictions

Posted by Puteri | 10/04/2008 05:05:00 PM | 0 comments »

It is not a secret that there are major differences between men and women, not only physically and emotionally, but also the way their bodies respond to certain substances like drugs and alcohol. For example, due to the presence of more fatty tissue in a woman's body, a woman consuming the same amount of alcohol as a man, will result in a higher blood alcohol level for the woman.

As such, while looking into alcohol rehab for women, it would be a good idea to look for a program that is specifically designed for women. Women with addictions face different issues then men do with regards to their addictions and these issues are compounded by society that views women with certain addictions more harshly than it does men with similar addictions.

Fortunately, there are centers that have programs that cater specifically for women and drug addiction as well as alcohol and other substance abuse. There is no reason not to educate oneself to the various treatment approaches that are available out there, especially those that have been specifically designed for women.