Latex mattress

Posted by Puteri | 9/17/2008 06:13:00 PM | 0 comments »

Last March, I complained of severe pain in my lower back, hips and left groin. I went to see my doctor and he thought I had sciatica and even suggested the pain could have been caused by kidney stones.

But one thing I did know at the time. My mattress sagged right where my lower back rested. The pain killers that the doctor prescribed didn't quite relieve the lower back pain and it was only when I replaced my mattress with a Latex Mattress did the lower back pain disappear! Apparently the pain in my lower back was caused by a sagging mattress! To think that I put up with the pain for about two weeks before I replaced my mattress!

When I shopped for my new mattress, a latex mattress was not even in my plan. I wasn't even aware that the mattress store carried Latex Mattresses. I grew up sleeping on latex mattresses because mattresses and furniture came with the company housing that my family lived in.

I think my decision to finally settle for the latex mattress, after trying practically every mattress in the store, was the best decision I could have made despite the mattress costing a little more than I had intended to spend on a mattress. It was very comfortable and everything I remembered about a latex mattress.

The lower back pain I had experienced completely disappeared after a week. The fact that I no longer had to put up with my lower back and hip pain was worth every penny I spent on the mattress.

For anyone prone to lower back pain, the right mattress like the Natural Care bed by Danny Seo can make a world of difference to your condition. I have found my perfect mattress - a latex mattress.