Help in the form of a medical alarm

Posted by Puteri | 9/11/2008 01:26:00 PM | 0 comments »

My mother-in-law just had knee replacement surgery. Fortunately for her, she could afford to check herself into a convalescent home for a week after her surgery so she could be around experienced care-givers to help her with her initial recovery. And when it was time for her to go home she had my father-in-law and my sister-in-law around to help her 24/7.

Not everyone who is recovering from a major surgery, or someone who is elderly and living alone, has someone close by to call for help, for example, in case of a medical emergency. I think this is where a Medical Alarm would come in handy.

A Medical Alarm that alerts the responders when a person has had a fall, or detects inactivity, and one that even provides reminders of pending events and appointments will most certainly be of great assistance to someone who is elderly, and especially one with a medical condition, who is living alone.

I especially like the GPS powered bracelet which alerts the responders when a loved one has wandered away from a specified safe zone. I think this allows our elderly loved ones some measure of independence without us having to worry about their locations.

Providing our loved ones with a Medical Alarm is the least we can do for them and especially if it only costs us just a little over a dollar a day. It is peace of mind for us while at the same time providing our loved ones with protection and the quality of life they deserve.