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Posted by Puteri | 6/18/2008 02:48:00 AM | 2 comments »

Who has not heard, even in passing, of a male enhancement product or two? There are many legitimate products on the market especially those that are FDA approved for treating erectile dysfunction. And then there are those "formulas" or supplements that you take that are supposed to boost your male performance. Now these, I am a little skeptical about their effectiveness.

One of my brothers, however, swears that a particular coffee blend that he is currently taking is helping boost his sexual performance! I kid you not! He has even suggested that I introduce Doug, my husband, to this particular blend of coffee!

How about penis enlargement gadgets? A Google search on the phrase "penis enlargement" came up with 11,400,000 results! I guess there must a huge interest among men on products that are supposed to help with improving the size of their penis.

I checked out a Yahoo! Groups forum and among the penis enlargement products that the men in the group have tried is the peloop™. It is a simple device made of silicone, tourmaline, germanium and a single magnet, not the kind of device that can cause injury if used incorrectly. If the following testimonial that I obtained from the afore-mentioned Yahoo! Groups forum is anything to go by, there seem to have been satisfied users of the product.

Just thought I would provide you with some feedback.

The first night my penis head sensitivity increased so much I nearly had to remove it to sleep! Then after two weeks there was a definite increase in sensitivity and I could see that I had gained girth and more flacid length. After a month the gains have stayed and I am continuing to feel greater blood flow. Erections are more intense.

I am still wearing the loop and waiting to see what the long terms effects are.

-From a Satisfied Customer

The magnet in the device is supposed to help widen the penis' blood vessel thereby allowing more blood to flow through. Improved blood flow in the penis means a bigger, stronger and healthier penis.

If indeed this product produces the kind of results that the user in the testimonial is experiencing, I would be happy for Doug to try out this product! If I can persuade him, that is! lol


  1. mike // 5:30 AM, August 04, 2008  


    I saw your review of this Penis Enlargement product and wondered if you would be interested in reviewing ours too?

  2. Puteri // 4:10 PM, August 05, 2008  

    Hi Mike, here's my email, and we'll see if we can come to an agreement.