Diabetic Friend

Posted by Puteri | 5/02/2008 11:33:00 AM | 2 comments »

Last night I talked on the phone with a good friend from Malaysia. She has a family history of diabetes and therefore I wasn't surprised when she told me she had just been diagnosed with diabetes. sad

She discovered her condition when she visited her doctor about frequent dizzy spells. It turned out that the dizziness was actually caused by her vision. The blood vessels in her eyes had started to bleed a little.

After tests confirmed that she was diabetic, she was immediately put on oral diabetic medication. Despite the medication, her fasting blood sugar is till a little higher than normal.

Having been diagnosed with prediabetes myself, I naturally have some experiences with controlling my blood sugar through diet and exercise. I offered my friend some tips on how to get her blood fasting sugar to normal level.

I will be in Malaysia before the end of this month and I am thinking about bringing some of my diabetic recipe books for her, and some food supplements that can help with lowering blood sugar levels.

I am quite concerned about her condition because her older sister is also a diabetic and her blood sugar level is consistently high even with medication.

The key to keeping your blood sugar levels under control is diet and exercise. I am fully convinced of that fact.


  1. Bob (The Traveller) // 10:03 AM, May 03, 2008  

    Hi Puteri.. it's Bob from Food is Remedy. I know a product that tackles diabetes from the antioxidant point of view. Try discussing the use of this product with the doctor. It's called Immunocal.


    It can't cure diabetes but seems to be able to help significantly with the complications. I know diabetes can't kill, it's the complications that is the pest. One case study helped a diabetic woman who had had a failed kidney transplant, on dialysis, developed foot condition requiring treatment of necrotic tissue to heal the complications allowing her to marry and continue to run her business. I really hope it helps. Keep me posted if you decide to give it a go. :-)

  2. Puteri // 10:28 AM, May 03, 2008  

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for the tip. My friend's father had a leg amputated and his eventually passing was related to his disease too. :-(

    I will definitely look for this antioxidant. My father is experiencing neauropathic symptoms due to his diabetes too.