Tips on Makeup

Posted by Puteri | 3/18/2008 02:39:00 PM | 0 comments »

I was at the local pharmacy a few days ago, and as usual I looked at all the make up products available to see if there were any specials. Indeed there were! I came home with some mineral based products. I was happy to have found some cheaper alternatives to the ones that are promoted on TV! I bought an eye make up set, foundation and an eye liner. I really liked the mineral based products except for the color I chose for the foundation. It was too light for my face!

I need to look up on some Makeup tips on choosing the right tone where foundations are concerned. Being Asian, I like to make my face appear slightly lighter than my natural skin tone, but not so light that my face looks blotchy!

It's a good thing that I can get tips on choosing the right foundation color and tips on how to make my skin "glow" at