Kidney stones

Posted by Puteri | 3/21/2008 05:12:00 PM | 0 comments »

Last week I went to see my doctor because of lower back pain and pain in the left hip. He thought it was sciatica, but he still sent me to have my lower back x-rayed.

Yesterday, when I was at 'back care' class my doctor called my home. My husband was home at that time and he took the message for me. As soon I as arrived home, he told me what the doctor had told him.

Apparently the x-rays revealed that I had kidney stones. I've been living with some pain and numbness in my upper left thigh for the last two or so years. I have occasionally felt some dull pain in the back, where the left kidney is located but never enough pain to bother me.

My left hip and upper left thigh are where the pain is mostly concentrated now. I'll be having an ultra sound done on my left kidney in the middle of next week.

I've had kidney stones in the past but I was able to pass them out naturally. Painful as they pass out!

Fortunately the treatment for kidney stones these days do not have to involve surgery if they are not large. I would hate to have to go under the knife!