Sweet drinks and gout

Posted by Puteri | 2/01/2008 11:43:00 AM | 0 comments »

Sugary drinks have been blamed for a surge in cases of the painful joint disease gout.

Men who consume two or more sugary soft drinks a day have an 85% higher risk of gout compared with those who drink less than one a month, a study suggests.

Cases in the US have doubled in recent decades and it seems fructose, a type of sugar, may be to blame, the British Medical Journal study reports.

UK experts said those with gout would be advised to cut out sugary drinks.

About 1.5% of the UK population currently suffers from gout and there has been an increase in numbers over the last 30 years - although the condition is more associated with Victorian times.

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Wow. Who would have thought of that connection!

I know of people who think that water is for bathing not for drinking. They only drink sodas or beer.

At church, I see several people drinking a bottle of coke instead of a bottle of water throughout the church service.

In my home, we do not even have a supply of sodas. I never did like anything that is too sweet. And I most definitely do not want my children to get addicted to sodas!!

One more reason not to drink too much sweet drinks!