Naked Naturals Shampoo

Posted by Puteri | 2/27/2008 09:12:00 PM | 0 comments »

I am quite fussy about the kind of shampoo I use for my hair. I have fine hair and I don't like shampoos that that make my hair dry and frizzy. I also do not like shampoos that make my scalp itch and feel greasy, or make my hair go limp.

What's worse, I color my hair regularly and the regular coloring and blow drying have made some of the ends dry and brittle. So the kind of shampoo that I go for is one that treats my dry colored hair, does not make my scalp itch, and one that does not make my scalp feel greasy after a day.

When I received a sample pack of shampoo and conditioner from naked naturals, I was quite eager to try them. Their shampoos contain no lauryl or laureth sulfates, no DEA or TEA, no animal by-products, no synthetic fragrances, no harsh chemicals, are PH-balanced and not tested on animals.

Moreover, their shampoos also contain Keravis, which is a natural plant protein that is supposed to make your hair stronger by up to seven times, and healthier naturally. I like that especially for my dry, brittle hair.

My first impression of the shampoo was its light lavender scent. Nice, I thought. I wished there was a lot more shampoo in the sample pack, though. I like a lot of foam on my hair when I wash it. After rinsing the shampoo off, I applied the conditioner. I liked the result of the conditioner, and it did leave my hair tangle free when I combed it.

I would like to try this natural shampoo for a longer period and see if it works for me in the long run. I'm happy to note that it is available at Walgreens and the next time I am in Walgreens, I will most certainly get a set of shampoo and conditioner of the Naked Naturals with awapuhi and lavender for color-treated hair.

Anything that helps to strengthen my hair and make it healthier can only be good for me!