Lower sodium in Campbell Soups for kids

Posted by Puteri | 2/18/2008 12:18:00 PM | 0 comments »

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. - The Campbell Soup Co.'s kid-oriented soups, which feature characters such as Dora the Explorer and Batman on the cans, are getting their second sodium reduction in three years, the company announced Monday.

This time, the 12 soups for kids will have 480 milligrams per serving, which means the company can legally label them as healthy foods for the first time.

"Your kids can enjoy Dora the Explorer even more," said Douglas R. Conant, Campbell's president and chief executive, said in an interview. "They'll be down to heart-healthy levels."

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I have never understood the need for such high salt content in the Campbell Soups for children.

Every time I make chicken noodle soup for my kids I add extra water in it, or else leave the soup altogether and let them just eat the noodles.

I wished Campbell's had lowered the salt content to below 400 milligrams per serving. Hopefully next time they will.

Personally, I have started looking at food labels and choosing the product with the lower sodium content when I have a choice of similar products.

When you suffer from hypertension like I do, want it or not, I have to watch the amount of sodium I take.