Magnesium and CoQ10

Posted by Puteri | 1/03/2008 11:17:00 AM | 2 comments »

I borrowed several books from the local library yesterday and one of them is this book by Earl Mindell and Virginia Hopkins. I have flipped through the pages and read some interesting bits and pieces of the book.

Two things I learned from the book are about magnesium and CoQ10. I have a bottle of each of the supplements in my kitchen cupboard. I bought the magnesium because it was on sale and I heard an ad over the radio that said a lot of our back aches had to do with magnesium deficiency. I knew that that CoQ10 is a good for your heart health.

Today I learned that both magnesium and CoQ10 have positive effects on heart health.

I have issues with hypertension and last week my doctor took me off my diuretic prescription so he could evaluate if the diuretic had anything to do with the rise in my blood sugar level. Since I am no longer taking the diuretic, I am concerned about the state of my blood pressure.

Among the benefits of magnesium is that it maintains normal blood pressure. According to the book independent studies have shown that people with hypertension have a magnesium deficiency.

After reading that bit of information, naturally I took out my bottle of magnesium that has been sitting in my kitchen cupboard all this while and took a dose. :-)

CoQ10 is a vital enzyme and it has the ability to protect and strengthen the heart and lower blood pressure. I have occasional chest pains which I normal attribute to gas, but now I am inclined to think that it could be due to a CoQ10 deficiency.

Since reading the benefits of magnesium and CoQ10 especially what they can do to blood pressure, I am now more motivated to take these supplements instead of letting them sit in my kitchen cupboard!


  1. Nightwing // 10:34 PM, January 03, 2008  

    Walau...u got them and yet u never take them..:)

    Ya..better take them.

  2. Puteri // 10:39 PM, January 03, 2008  

    Ya lor, I have a problem taking vitamins and medicine on a regular basis!! I got other supplements in my cupboard too! Fish oil, evening primrose, flaxseed, multi-vit, spirulina etc, haha, haven't taken any of them in a long while!