Green Tea and Diabetes

Posted by Puteri | 1/09/2008 10:23:00 AM | 5 comments »

I am reading a book called Green Tea by Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D., and there is a section in the book called Green Tea and Diabetes.

I have mentioned earlier that I am pre-diabetic and that I have started to change my diet so that diabetes will never be a part of my life.

According the book by Nadine Taylor, the polyphenols in green tea are potent inhibitors of amylase. Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down starches into glucose molecules that are then absorbed into the blood stream.

A cup of green tea has been found to inhibit 87% of amylase activity. This means that less sugar gets into the bloodstream which in turn means that blood glucose levels is automatically lowered.

What this also means for those of us who are concerned about our blood glucose levels, drinking green tea daily will most certainly be beneficial to our health.

There are now green tea tincture and green tea tablets that we can take if brewing a pot of green tea is not convenient. There is no reason why we should not include green tea as part of our health maintenance regimen.


  1. Bob (The Traveller) // 9:09 AM, January 10, 2008  

    One more yay for tea! I've just finished a few posts on tea and I am still catching my breath due to excitement on the amazing properties of tea... and more good news in your post. Who would have thought? Miracles CAN be bought off the hypermart shelves after all.

  2. Puteri // 10:13 AM, January 10, 2008  

    Indeed! I am also excited at discovering the many benefits of green tea and have just recently added green tea to my daily intake of fluids. :-)

  3. Bob (The Traveller) // 11:35 AM, January 10, 2008  

    Puteri. Was surprised when I saw your name... then you other blogs revealed that you're of Iban origin..hehe.. no wonder.. Sorry I can't speak jako Iban hehe.. but anyway I'm frm Singapore... Yes, tea is indeed amazing, isn't it? Thanks for dropping by my blog! So to tea, meh kitai ngirup!

  4. Puteri // 11:39 AM, January 10, 2008  

    Bob, you're from Singapore? Small world! Aram kitai ngirup teh! Haha.

    No wonder I was thinking, hypermarket? We don't use that word here in the US. Supermarket is enough, and Walmart has a supercenter.

    I only started drinking green tea daily the last few days, wow, good laxative!! Makes me really regular!

  5. Bob (The Traveller) // 2:03 AM, January 11, 2008  

    Owh.. laxative, yes. I did not drink green tea but once bought its essential oil and used it as aromatherapy.. it did regulate bowel habits. But green tea is undoubtedly a wonderful addition to daily diet.