Flaxseed Oil

Posted by Puteri | 1/30/2008 10:21:00 PM | 0 comments »

I started taking flaxseed oil capsules when a lady from church recommended it to me as a solution for constipation.

A few days ago, a close friend of mine, who just had a cancerous lump removed from one of her breasts, told me she had started taking flaxseed oil as part of her treatment. She told me an older gentleman had recommended she take flaxseed oil supplement because of how effective the flaxseed oil had been in helping him maintain his health. This gentleman had also lent a book to my friend which talked about how flaxseed oil was effective in suppressing cancer tumors.

Today I looked up flaxseed oil in Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Herbs & Spices, and indeed there was a mention of a University of Toronto study on how the lignans in flaxseed were able to retard the growth of blood vessels in tumor tissue, thereby starving the tumor.

It is wonderful how we are discovering so many natural sources for fighting cancer. My friend will be undergoing radiotherapy, and will be taking hormone therapy too as part of her overall cancer treatment.

I pray she will be completely free of her cancer and her health fully restored.