Walking Shoes

Posted by Puteri | 12/10/2007 11:11:00 AM | | 0 comments »

This morning I walked to the mailbox in my sheepskin lined Ugg wannnabe type boots. Those boots keep my feet warm but they are definitely not for walking long distances.

It is about 500 feet to the mailbox and back and I felt like I wanted to drag my feet as I walked in those boots. It was about 40 F and it was cold for me. I hurried in my boots and I know for sure from that short walk that I am never going to wear those boots in any of my walks during the winter months.

I think I need to go buy myself a good pair of walking shoes. Since I started watching my blood sugar and doing some exercise on my exercise bicycle, I feel that a little more low impact exercise like walking can only do me good.

I already own a pair of sneakers but I think a pair of shoes that is specifically designed for walking will aid me in my walking gait. I think I tend to put more weight on one foot and learning to walk properly will help distribute my body weight correctly and thus reduce the possibility of stress and injury.

I have been reading some walking shoe guides and articles on choosing the right walking shoes. I hope that will help me get a pair that best fit my walking gait.