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I started wearing makeup when I was in my late teens. I would look at fashion magazines, study the makeup style and colors that were trendy back then and tried to copy them. Of course with my very limited budget I could not afford anything with brand names but with some savings I was able to get something better.

When I was in my twenties, I thought I wore certain eye shadow colors a lot better than I do now. I no longer wear blue, green, purple or pink eye shadow colors. Somehow they look gaudy on me! It must be the tone of my facial skin or it could be that I am now more into earth tone colors.

These days anyone who is only now starting to wear makeup can get all kinds of tips on how to apply eyeliner, mascara, and makeup from all kinds of sources. Of course with the internet, one can easily pick up these tips from places like

My 4 year-old daughter is already asking for play makeup and it won't be long before she starts asking for the real thing! Sigh.