Colon Cleansing

Posted by Puteri | 12/19/2007 04:18:00 PM | 0 comments »

Colon cleansing or detoxification is such a buzz word these days among people who care about their health and want to maintain it using products that have natural ingredients.

The main objective of colon cleansing is to have the colon cleansed from toxin build up, and the way it works is to have two to three bowel movements a day with the help of a colon cleanser.

Many people don't have very regular bowel movements and as such bloating and gas is a constant problem. We should have the same number of bowel movements a day as the number of times we eat.

Dual-Action Cleanse is a colon cleanser that has natural ingredients, like fennel seed, alfalfa leaf, and gum karaya that effectively promote peristalsis and excretion of accumulated waste such as mucous and undigested matter.

The most common benefits felt by those who have gone through colon cleansing are the feelings of increased energy and vitality.