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When I was a teenager I suffered from acne, and so did my brothers and my sister. We tried all kinds of acne treatments but they did not quite do the job.

We also had the bad habit of pressing and touching the acne on our faces, and of course, that is something we shouldn't have done! Our fingers were probably not too clean and all that constant poking and pressing only exacerbated the problem.

Late nights and certain foods, like peanuts and grease fried food also made the situation worse in my case. According to the American Academy of Dermatology,greasy or sugary foods do not cause acne. Sugary foods did not affect my acne problem but I am certain that peanuts do give me zits because even at my age I still get zits if I take too much peanuts!

Anyway, if you have issues with acne, you might want to check out where you can get quite a comprehensive information about the types of acne, the causes, the myths, the treatment and the prevention.