The right bra matters when exercising

Posted by Puteri | 9/13/2007 11:22:00 AM | | 0 comments »

Did you know that ordinary bras don't quite do the job of supporting bouncing breasts during exercise?

A new study claims that women's breasts can bounce up to eight inches vertically during exercise. Wow! That much bouncing can definitely be painful for those with large breasts!

This story reminds us to use the right kind of bra when doing exercise especially the kinds of exercise that tend to make the breasts bounce more than usual. The good news in this story is that the researcher is "working with major bra manufacturers in Britain and globally to design a bra that minimizes breast movement in all three dimensions. The next bra, she hopes, will incorporate "smart materials" that can change to provide custom-made support for each woman and her activity level."

Each woman walked, jogged and ran while wearing different bra types. During the exercise, Scurr took biomechanical measurements, including the amount of breast movement in three directions: up-and-down, side-to-side and in-and-out.

During walking exercise, the women's breasts moved relatively the same amount in all directions. But when participants sped up to a jog or run, their breasts moved proportionally more in some directions than others: More than 50 percent of the total movement was in the up-down direction, 22 percent side-to-side and 27 percent in-and-out.

The overall pattern of the movement resembled a figure-8.

Typically, bras are designed to minimize up-and-down motion and not the other two dimensions of breast movement found in Scurr's study.

Full story here.