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I love perfumes but I don't buy them often. So far I have been disciplined enough to buy my perfumes at duty free shops when I travel. The last bottle of perfume I bought, at a duty free shop in San Francisco, was 100 ml J'adore by Dior. That was my first Dior perfume and I love the scent! I had always preferred Estee Lauder, but ever since I saw and tried my friend's J'adore, I couldn't resist getting a bottle for myself. A good friend of mine gave me a 50 ml bottle of Dior Addict on my birthday last year. :* Fabulous!

I mentioned earlier that I love White Musk by The Body Shop. I found out later that there is a Body Shop at one of the malls in Sacramento. I've only been to the mall once this year and I thought I saw The Body Shop there but wasn't sure. Anyway, I'd like to go to The Body Shop sometime soon and get my White Musk perfume oil and another called Dewberry. A former colleague loved to wear Dewberry, and I loved the fruity smell. I will always think of this colleague whenever I smell this scent.