Skin Whitening Products

Posted by Puteri | 8/26/2007 03:15:00 PM | | 11 comments »

Skin whitening or lightening cosmetic products are popular among Asians. A lighter complexion is the ideal for those born with a naturally darker complexion.

In some cultures, a dark complexion means that you are of the lower class, somebody who has to work out in the sun, whereas a lighter complexion means that you are pampered and stays indoors.

But whatever our ethnic background eventually there comes a time in our life where we will struggle with some kind of skin pigmentation problem. Personally I've noticed some dark patches on my face. I have begun to use sunscreen on my face during the day, in hopes of limiting the progress of the skin discoloration. So far I have noticed that it is not getting worse.

The beauty products that I am currently using, Beauticontrol, have made a dramatic improvement on the quality and appearance of my complexion. I have not tried any product from their Whitening line, though.

There have been reports about the safety concerns of skin lightening beauty products which use Hydroquinone as the active ingredient. But according to an article in Medical News Today, " A risk -benefit approach in which all of the data available on HQ and alternatives is assessed is most likely to provide a path forward for providing optimal therapeutic benefits to patients with pigmentary changes of the skin."

That said, I am not worried about using a skin whitening product produced by companies that adhere to strict preparation standards.


  1. pat // 10:52 PM, August 26, 2007  

    entah lah...aku tuk maybe dah terpengaruh enggau iklan ti madah HQ enda manah...aku cuba menjauhi HQ tuk...aku selalu meda sida ke ngena produk bisi HQ tuk,amat licin sereta putih gamal sida,but bila dah berenti ngena,mua sida jadi lebih teruk ari sebedau iya...

  2. Puteri // 11:02 PM, August 26, 2007  

    Ya kah? Suba bisi aku ngena pencuci muka ti bisi whitening ingredient, Nivea brand kah? Tapi diatu aku enda ibuh ngena whitening cream, memang moa udah burak! Kkekeeke.

    Suba aku enda nemu enda tau ngena Neutrogena, alpha hydroxy ti ngasoh moa chelum enti ba panas .. tiap kali aku keluar, meda moa nampak chelum. Enda patut. Paduhal alpha hydroxy nya ti enda tau enda dikena sama enggau sunscreen! Nadai bisi warning langsung ba botol cream nya!

    Baru diatu aku nemu, sekumbang aku join Beauticontrol .. sida nadai ngena alpha hydroxy ba product sida.

    Tang enti moa endang udah terok laban pigmentation ka pen enda ngiga produk ti tau ngurang iya. Nya lah enda tau stop sebarang ngena produk, afterall pigmentation problem enda agi bisi dia, cream nya mina nulong whiten iya mimit.

  3. pat // 7:25 AM, August 27, 2007  

    hehehe....aku enda kala ngena nivea..semina ngena brg yg di order mak aku aja...baru diatu dah ngena barang beli dirik empu.

    Alpha hydroxy(AHA) enti bisi mimit enda ngacau tang enti mayuh baru bisi problem.

    Bisi aku check website beauticontrol.Iya under tupperware.Sama mega enggau nutrimetics - under tupperware...Patut aku asai kala ninga org nyebut beauticontrol.

    so far,maybe laban mua aku agik biak,nadai bisi problem lah...cuma mantain aja..

  4. Puteri // 1:36 PM, August 27, 2007  

    Nutrimetics under tupperware? Hmm! :-)

    Sebedau aku nguji Beauticontrol aku ngena Neutrogena, L'Oreal, Olay or Nivea. Biasa aja nadai berupai improve tauka enda.

    Tapi with Beauticontrol endang ketera improvement iya. Nesal aku enda nemu pasal tu dulu agi suba! 6 bulan aku udah ngena Beauticontrol ... very, very satisfied with the products! Tentu sida sisters-in-law aku tekenyit meda moa aku maya kami betemu baru ila! One sister in law ngena SKII, you know how expensive that product is!

  5. pat // 5:16 PM, August 27, 2007  

    paham aku...enti mak aku,sanggup berabis duit kena product2 baka tuk..Last one yg aku ingat,sidak iya ngena Dr.Seager's.

  6. Puteri // 5:54 PM, August 27, 2007  

    Ngemar Dr Murad kah Dr Seager's?

    Kawan aku ba KL ngena Dr Murad, mar produk tu. Amat ngam produk nya ba moa iya. Iya dua taun tuai ari aku, tapi moa iya licin, scar pimples kelia pen nyau manah tampak diatu.

    Baka nya asai aku meda moa aku empu since aku ngena Beauticontrol.

  7. pat // 6:08 PM, August 27, 2007  

    nadai ku nemu berapa...tapi memang mahal ko mak aku.tang enda berbaloi laban packaging iya mit amai...Iya order ari kawan iya..

    Sekeda product nitih ke jenis kulit...bisi ke ngam...bisi gak enda.

  8. Laura Sarina // 5:07 AM, September 01, 2007  

    Hello Puteri..nama berita? Temu ke blog Puteri ba U sure do have many blogs to maintan.

    Since there are no chatbox available ba blog tuk, I just wanna ask about Mineral Makeup which is quite famous in the States and I read rave reviews about Mineral Makeup in Said that it brings good result especially to those who have sensitive skins.

    So far, I went to 2 websites which are Everyday Minerals & MAD Minerals and it seems that I am interested in trying these products next time.

  9. Puteri // 10:06 AM, September 01, 2007  

    One of my friends uses Bare Minerals. She has sensitive skin and she says it really works for her.

    Are you in Malaysia? Can you find these products in Malaysia?

  10. Laura Sarina // 4:22 AM, September 03, 2007  

    Yes, I live in Kuching. Enda datai kitu? In Malaysia, none are selling these kind of products. Last year, Bobbi Brown launched Mineral Foundation in all Bobbi Brown counters but it's just a limited edition foundation.

    Nearest place selling mineral makeup would be Singapore, they are selling Alima Cosmetics.

  11. Alaska // 11:03 AM, June 04, 2009  

    Wow, I really would love to try these products ! beauty salons..Thanks for the giveaway :)